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The Start of Something New

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


I know what you're thinking.

Another fashion blog?

Yes, another fashion blog.

Nowadays, blogs are more popular than ever, with over 2 million posts shared everyday. You can pretty much find a blog about almost anything and everything on the internet, so you're probably thinking, what's so different about this one?

Well, I've always loved fashion ever since I was a child. When I was young, I loved drawing clothing designs and sharing them with my friends. I even dreamed of opening my own clothing store in the future. Despite not being able to sew, I've always loved experimenting with clothes and concocting ways to embellish outfits. My mom thought it was silly sometimes, but dressing up and styling people has always been something I did that made me happy.

Growing up, I got most of my fashion influence from my mom, but working retail further broadened my sense of style. My first retail job was at GUESS. GUESS advocated for a style that was young, free, and sexy - a style much less conservative than what I was used to. I used to love wearing pearls, flats, and more "modest" clothes, but my manager would often tease me for dressing like an old lady. My coworkers would even call me Bambi for being incredibly shy whenever I tried on GUESS's clothes when I first started working, but eventually my sense of style evolved. I learned to be more comfortable and confident in my own skin and began to experiment with styles I never thought of trying before. I found my own fashion sense becoming more confident and free.

However, despite my love for all things fashion and beauty, the beauty industry isn't all fun and games. There are practices I wish some parts of the fashion and beauty industry would change. The beauty industry's purpose is to help people feel and look more beautiful, but not every step of the production process is pretty. Many parts of the fashion and beauty industry still face unethical issues with how their products are made, such as the use of animal testing and the use of sweatshops. Although change is not easy, I hope to somehow assist in the development of more ethically made products in the future. This is one of the many dreams I have.

I will try incorporating advocating for more ethically made products in my blog such as recommending brands who strive to make positive changes in the industry, like those who refuse to conduct animal testing or value utilizing vegan ingredients. You'll also see style suggestions, beauty tips, and more!

With words of encouragement from my friends and inspiration from other fashion influencers around the world, I am excited to share my love for fashion, beauty, and creativity with all of you.

Taken at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I hope you enjoyed this post, and

I welcome you to accompany me on my fashion journey.

With Lots of Love,

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