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Too School for Cool

Too school for cool? Read up on some back to school style tips I've created to help keep you looking fashionable and fresh throughout the school year!

Today we'll be going over classic back to school outfits, clothing essentials, and statement pieces that can accentuate or make your outfits pop whether you're in class or at a club meeting.


Mondays can be a drag, but that doesn't mean your outfits have to be! Start your week off in style by wearing a pop of color to

brighten your day!

Waiting for the next class to start like...

In this outfit, I chose to wear a floral mustard yellow crop top that I absolutely adore. I paired it with a black denim mini skirt to contrast the colors. Denim skirts are extremely versatile staple pieces that can match almost anything, so having one always comes in handy! For shoes, I opted for black ankle boots, embellished with studs to add some flare. To complete the look, I added a black captain's hat as a statement piece.


I don't know about you, but I love Target. Whenever I go in there, I always end up getting distracted by all the cute and interesting things they have to offer! Recently, I've been obsessed with Target's clothing collection from the brand, Wild Fable. They have all the latest trends for a reasonable price! I'm hooked.


Look #1

Who says peplum's out of style? Add some pep in your step on Tuesday by pairing a peplum top with a some fitted jeans for a simple, back to school look.

If you don't have a presentation to do or you're just not really a fan of heels, you can also opt for a pair of comfortable black flats to go with this look!


Jeans: GUESS

Shoes: GUESS Badelia Shoes

Backpack: ALDO

To embellish the top, I added some chain buttons I found lying at home to mimic collar pins.

If you're into chic, ALDO always has some cute backpacks in handy for you to elevate your bag game. This black and gold backpack is my favorite backpack to bring with me anywhere I go! However, I will say that it isn't the best for carrying a lot of stuff, which sucks for over-prepared girls like me. ╮(╯∀╰)╭

Look #2

If you're not all about being preppy, then get comfy in a cropped hoodie and some high-waisted shorts!

Everyone has a comfy go-to sweater or hoodie to wear on their lazy days! For this athleisure look, I chose to pair my favorite cotton AllSaints hoodie with some high-waisted shorts, classic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, and a black baseball cap.

At school, I'm usually known as the girl with the heavy backpack that has everything in it. However, if you're the type that doesn't like to carry a lot with you, then this miniature JanSport pouch is perfect for you! It has three straps on the back that make it easy to turn into a

make-shift fanny pack.

Who doesn't love Adidas Originals? I know I do. Head back to school in style and comfort wearing these classic Adidas Original

Stan Smith shoes.


Look #1

Wednesday's Hump Day! Why not wear a some stripes? Stripes are a classic everyday look that can add some French chic into your wardrobe. For this outfit, I paired my striped turtle neck top with some shorts and white sneakers (can you tell sneakers and shorts are my go-to?). I wore my Ralph Lauren tortoise shell glasses to finish the look.

Top: GUESS Originals A$AP ROCKY Striped Turtle Neck

Shoes: GUESS Gelise Sneakers


Look #2

Wednesdays tend to be popular days for clubs and student organizations to meet, so why not dress to impress? Floral dresses are versatile pieces that can be styled and worn several different ways. You can choose to pair it with a casual denim jacket, dress it up with a blazer or leather jacket, or simply wear it by itself, making it a perfect back-to-school staple. For a casual look, I chose to wear this dress with a pair of tan ankle-boots and some dangling rose earrings.



Have a presentation to do on Thursday? Try pairing some white jeans with your blazer for a fresh, sophisticated look. To incorporate a little bit of French fashion, add a black beret to complete the outfit.

Top: H&M


Shoes: GUESS Badelia Shoes/ NIKE


To spice up my outfit, I chose to wear my favorite gold, cross chain earrings, which my friend gifted to me for my birthday.

If you get tired of wearing heels but still want to rock your blazer in a more athleisure look, take away the beret and swap your heels for a comfy pair of sneakers.

The blazer I'm wearing is actually a hand-me down from my mom.

I love getting hand-me downs! Do you?


WOOH! You made it! It's Friday! Get ready to have some fun in an easy-to-wear crop top and button-up mini skirt. Add a classic denim jacket to complete the look!

Top: H&M

Bottom: ZARA

To add some fun, I wore a pair of cute daisy earrings that my boyfriend's mom gave me.

Photography by Alexis Momoko Harris and Rei Miguel SantaAna

Which look was your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading!

Wishing you a wonderful week,

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