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5 Ways to Style a Hoodie

A quick and easy item to wear on lazy days, hoodies are the epitome of warmth and comfort. Despite often being our bummy go-to outfit, hoodies can still function as a versatile styling piece and can be dressed up and down.

In this post, I'll be showing you five different ways you can style a classic hoodie!

Look #1 - Denim Shorts

As you may already know, denim shorts are one of my go-to closet essentials - they go with practically anything! Here, I'm wearing my bell hoodie with a pair of PacSun Blue Surfer Shorts. The color of the hoodie contrasts perfectly with the blue surfer shorts! To complete the outfit, I embellished it with a striped red and green belt.


HOODIE: Forever 21

SHORTS: PacSun Mom Shorts


Inspired by Japanese style and high fashion, I wore some patterned white socks and layered it with tan single-strap heels to add more of a unique couture style to the look.


✿。゚(^ω^) 。゚✿。゚

Look #2 - Fishnet Leggings

For my second look, I decided to pair my comfortable, cotton AllSaints hoodie with some striped, shiny, black sports shorts, fishnet leggings, and black studded chelsea boots. This look definitely offers a more modern and edgy vibe when paired with a hoodie.

Fishnet leggings are a classic 90s accessory that can instantly make any outfit edgier or sexier. When worn, they create a bold, feminine statement.

I also embellished my outfit with thick, black and silver metal choker as another statement piece.


HOODIE: AllSaints Huntington Beach Collection

SHORTS: Forever 21

STOCKINGS: Burlington Coat Factory

SHOES: AllSaints


Look #3 - Sports Shorts

If you're not in the mood to dress to impress, take away the necklace, fishnets, and boots, and sit down to relax in a simple pair of sports shorts! Simple and easy, but still cute! (^ω^ ✿)

Look #4 - Side-striped Joggers

I paired my AllSaints hoodie with some patterned side-striped joggers for a more comfortable and athletic style. Lately, side-striped pants, trousers, joggers, and the like have been the latest trend, completely blowing up in the fashion industry. The stripes provide an athletic, modern twist to any pair of bottoms!


HOODIE: AllSaints



Look # 5 Denim Skirt

For my last look, I paired my yellow, bell sleeved hoodie with a frayed, patched denim-skirt. The patches create a fun twist to the classic denim essential and also adds some more color. Denim skirts are a timeless, staple-piece. They are incredibly versatile and easy to work with!

To complete the look, I added a striped red and green belt to colorblock the hoodie and complement the red patches on my skirt.


HOODIE: Forever 21

SKIRT: Guess


Photography by Rei SantaAna

I hoped you enjoyed this week's styling!

Thank you for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Lots of Love,

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