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Austin Slow Fashion Festival Experience

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Happy Monday!

Recently, Vlad and I embarked on a mini weekend trip to Austin, during which I had the opportunity to attend the Slow Fashion Festival and visit some of our friends. I have never been to a fashion festival before, so I was excited to see what the event had in store.

Our drive from Dallas to Austin took up most of our first day. The drive was initially supposed to be 3.5 hours without traffic, but because it was the weekend, it took much longer than we expected. Nonetheless, we arrived in Austin and grabbed some Korean fried chicken for dinner (I forgot the name of the place 😅) before heading to the Keshi concert.

The time we spent at the concert was special, with Keshi's soothing vocals and the laid back atmosphere allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the live music.

The following day, our friends kindly took us around Austin, where we got to see The Oasis, 365° bridge, and some of the cute shops on Congress Ave.

Then finally it was time for the Slow Fashion Festival.

While it felt more like a fashion show than a full-blown festival, I truly enjoyed witnessing the array of innovative and sustainable designs crafted by so many talented designers. I also got to meet some cool individuals at the show.

On our last day, we stopped by Barton Springs for a quick walk, then grabbed some boba before commencing our journey back to Dallas.

With each visit, our fondness for Austin only grows stronger, and we eagerly anticipate our upcoming move to such a vibrant city!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of our mini weekend adventure!


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