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Chocolate & Mixed Nuts

Who: You
What: We will create the ultimate lookbook guide for you with 7 pre-planned outfits and looks for every type of occasion, so you never have to think twice about what to wear.

When: You get frustrated with how difficult and how long it takes to pick out your clothes whenever you have to go somewhere
Where: Your home.
Why: So you never have to worry about what to wear or how long it will take to choose your clothes. Get dressed faster and easier to make time for what’s more important in your life. 
How long: 1 hour minimum



  • Style & Body Analysis (up to 2 hours )

  • Includes 7 customized looks ( $25 for every two additional looks )

  • Strategize personal style

  • Provide personal lookbook (extra fee for printed version)

  • Body Chart guide

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