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Is it possible to gift your services to others?

Yes! You can gift my service to anyone who would love some help with their wardrobe.

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in sustainable fashion?

I stay up-to-date by following experts in the fashion industry who's goal is also to make fashion more slow and less harmful to people, animals, and the environment. I do this by following them on various social media platforms and by taking online courses to further educate myself in the subject.

How can I support sustainable fashion beyond just buying clothes?

You can support sustainable fashion by mending your clothes, so they last longer. Doing clothing swaps with friends and by upcycling, donating, or selling your unwanted clothes to prolong their lifespan. You can also learn more about sustainable and slow fashion through social media, books, events, etc.

Can you help me find sustainable clothing options that fit my personal style and budget?

Yes! There are plenty of sustainable brands that can fit everyone's needs and budget. I can help you find the right brands that will best suit your personal style and wardrobe needs.

How can I incorporate sustainable fashion into my existing wardrobe?

You can incorporate sustainable fashion into your existing wardrobe by choosing to mend your clothes, so they last longer, upcycle your clothing, shop secondhand first, or shop from sustainable brands.

What should I do with my unwanted clothing?

There are many ways you can let go of clothes without having them end up in the landfill.
Some options of how to sustainable get rid of your clothes include:
- Upcycling them into something you would wear or something else you can use like a tote bag or dog toy
- Do a clothing swap with your friends
- Sell your clothes to your local consignment store or
- Donate your clothes to a local thrift store or non-profit

How can I tell if I should keep or let go of a piece of clothing?

You can watch my Youtube video on "How to Actually Cleanout Your Closet" here to help you determine what clothing pieces you should keep or let go of.

How can I tell if a brand or garment is sustainable or ethical?

Identifying whether or not a brand is sustainable or ethical is not always easy because of the abundant amount of greenwashing that occurs in marketing; however, there are a few different ways to check. When trying to determine whether or not a brand is sustainable or ethical check for the following:
- Is the brand transparent about where they are sourcing their clothing from and how their clothing is made?
- Does the brand have any certifications that guarantee they are using sustainable materials or using fair trade materials? (ex: Certified B corp. , Fairtrade International, Oeko-Tex, etc.)
- Are their clothes made of natural, organic materials, or recycled materials?
- Do they have an extremely large inventory and selection and produce products at a fast rate, or do they have a smaller selection and produce less quantity of clothes at a time?
- Do they use animal products? If so, do they treat their animals fairly and humanely?
- Do they use fair trade labor?

You can also use websites like to help determine if a brand is sustainable or not.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion can look different to everyone. For me sustainable fashion, is the practice of mindful consumption when it comes to your clothes and what you wear, so that we can create less harm on the environment and its people. This means choosing to maximize what your already own in your wardrobe before purchasing new things and shopping secondhand first. If secondhand is not an option, we can also aim to choose from more sustainable and ethical brands or buy clothes that are more durable and higher quality, so they can last longer.

How do I pay you?

I use a platform called Garmentier where I process all credit card payments. We can also use Zelle if needed.

What areas do you serve?

I mainly serve Dallas and Austin. I can serve outside of these areas as well, but it will cost an additional travel fee.

How long do your services usually take?

Every service is different and requires different amounts of time. Most of my services shouldn't require more than an one-two hours of your time as most of the work is done by me. We will go over how long everything should take in our intial consultation which you can schedule with me here.

What is does the typical process look like when working with you?

The typical process can look different based on which service you choose. You can get an idea of what you'll get from working with me by checking out my services here. I will go over all the details and what to expect from working with me during our initial consultation which you can schedule with me here.

How do I prepare for a session with you?

Every service I offer requires a different type of preparation which we will go over during our initial consultation together.

How do I schedule an appointment withyou?

You can schedule an appointment with me by emailing me or calling me with the information found here.

Can you work with my existing wardrobe or do I need to buy all new clothes?

Yes! As a sustainable stylist, it is my goal to start from your closet and maximize what you already own in your wardrobe, so we are consuming less and making the most of what you already have. We will only buy new clothes if you really feel like you are still lacking in some key essential pieces to your wardrobe.

Will I have any say in what clothing items you pick out for me?

Of course! Part of the experience of working with a personal stylist is to help you find clothes YOU love and will best benefit you.

Can you help me find clothing that is both stylish and practical for my lifestyle?

Yes, as a personal stylist, one of my main goals is to find clothes that will flatter you and best suit your needs based on your lifestyle.

What should my budget look like when working with you?

My services starting prices range from $225 - $925. Every client is different, so what your budget looks like when working with me will be dependent on your needs and which service you think will best benefit you. We will go over costs and budget during our initial consultatation appointment, so you know how much you expect to spend during our time together.

What if my style is different than yours?

As a stylist, it is my job to be knowledgeable about different styles and aesthetics. Everyone has their own unique look, so I wouldn't push the same style on every single client I have. I love having the opportunity to work with people who have different aesthetics than me because it allows me to play with styles that maybe wouldn't look flattering on me.

Why should I pick you as my stylist?

As a sustainable stylist, I strive to help you feel comfortable and confident in your clothing while also keeping the people and planet in mind. With my guidance, you can be rest assured, that you will have a consciously curated wardrobe that is versatile and timeless. I am dedicated to having a positive and empowering experience for each of my clients and would be honored to assist you in your slow fashion goals. My focus is not on simply following the latest trend, but rather on shifting our perspective towards fashion and helping you choose clothing pieces that not only fit and flatter your body, but also reflect your personal style and values.

How can working with a personal stylist benefit me?

Personal stylists can help provide you with several things.
- ADVICE | They provide guidance when determining which types of clothing will best flatter your body type and undertones.
- SAVE TIME | They can help you save time from shopping and by creating ready-to-wear looks for you.
- MONEY | Personal stylists will do their best to recommend higher quality and timeless pieces for you that are durable and made to last longer, so you can't prevent impulse purchases and from buying pieces that will quickly go out of trend or wear and tear easier.
- LIFESTYLE | Personal stylists can help you find pieces that best accommodate your lifestyle. However, they don't just buy clothes for you. They can also teach you a new way to approach shopping, so you can create better purchases for yourself and change the way you think about clothes.
- PERSONAL STYLE | Personal stylists can help clients find their unique personal style based on their lifestyle, personality, and preferences.
- CONFIDENCE | When you feel good in what you wear, you feel more confident in yourself. Personal stylists can help you feel more confident in your clothing choices by helping you highlight your best features and outfits that flatter you.

What exactly does a personal stylist do?

Personal stylists help advise clients on which pieces and outfits best suit their wardrobe needs, body type, undertones, and personal style.

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