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Body-Image Boost

Who: You

What: The Body-Image Boost is pretty cool team-up between you, me, and our pro dietitian, Jenny Gherau. We're all about giving you the right tools to feel great about yourself, starting with your closet and your kitchen.

First, we’ll tackle your closet. We'll ditch anything that's out-of-date, worn out, or just not you anymore. Then, we'll work together to curate fresh, new styles that bring out your best and reflect your personal style.


Next up is your kitchen. Jenny's got your back here. She'll show you how to make your kitchen work for you, fill your fridge with good stuff, and share recipes that are as tasty as they are balanced.

All in all, we're here to help you feel good about yourself and your surroundings. Let's get started!

When: You feel like you need a confidence boost. 

Where: Your home.

Why: So you can get rid of what's no longer serving you in your space and transform it into a haven of wellness and self-love.

How long: 7 hour minimum
Image by Thought Catalog
  • 3-hour closet organization service

  • Body Analysis

  • Strategize new personal style

  • Wardrobe Checklist & Sustainable Shopping Guide

  • Tailoring Suggestions

  • Resell Items for you

  • Color-coordinate clothes

  • Organize & fold your garments to declutter and maximize space

  • 1 hour wardrobe styling session

  • Pantry and fridge clean-out

  • Suggest simplified pantry categorization and labeling methods

  • Create meal planning checklist for individuals and families

  • Create healthy grocery list based on food allergies, food sensitivities, and other health conditions

  • Understand how to read nutrition fact labels

  • Reduce food waste by learning how to store foods appropriately and buy foods in season

  • Body image exercises to promote body-positivity

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